Blockchain architects

We are a pool of experts passionate about topics related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Our strength lies in the diversity of our experts and the richness of our experiences: from tech to finance to law.

Our network, partnerships, and shared intelligence enable us to identify the signals of a rapidly evolving sector, which allows us, in turn, to detect for you the best commercial, financial, and technological opportunities in Web3.

nomiks analytic

Launch your blockchain project with full knowledge of the facts

We support crypto/NFT project owners in their strategy, development, and valuation.

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Invest in emerging cryptocurrencies with peace of mind

Our decentralized investment vehicle that exposes you to crypto-currencies handpicked by experts in the field.

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Like a business coach, we challenge your blockchain project on a strategic and technical level to increase its value, credibility, and impact. In addition to consulting, we can also take care of the operational side of things (writing white papers, developments, strategy, etc.).

  • Benefit from the insight and feedback of experts who have faced the same issues as you

  • Take advantage of tailor-made support and long-term mentoring

  • Enhance the value of your project and reinforce its credibility

  • Model your tokenomics

  • Optimize your strategy with a 360° view on your market

  • Delegate all or part of the technical developments

We help you take advantage of the financial opportunities related to cryptocurrencies with peace of mind. All of the tokens in our portfolio undergo a rigorous, multi-factor validation process.

  • 3 investment vehicles with strategies adapted to different risk levels

  • Quality projects thanks to intelligent and rigorous crypto-picking

  • A 100% digitized service, giving you autonomy from start to finish

  • Simple, fast, and secure thanks to your own MetaMask wallet

  • Total transparency on our choices and analyses

  • Available and responsive customer service

Meet Our Team

  • Nathan Benchimol


    After many years in wealth management at Swiss private banks, Nathan became passionate about decentralized finance and Web3. By following closely current events in the sector, he supports rigorous crypto-picking based on a fundamental analysis with multiple criteria.

    He founded Nomiks to help businesses fully embrace Web3 technologies and also to allow individuals to benefit from the tremendous opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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  • Pierre


    With over 15 years’ experience as a consultant and entrepreneur in Finance and Tech, Pierre is behind many success stories: from Fintech startups to large international corporate projects.

    Pierre has a sharp eye, a discerning mind, and an ability to make value-added connections between the market and your product.

    Pierre also participated to the Ethereum ICO in 2013.

  • Yann Mastin


    A trained engineer, Yann worked at TotalEnergies and Helmerich & Paynes where he learned the importance of precision and methodology before embarking on a career as a data analyst and developing an interest for blockchain.

    He now designs and applies deep analysis and modeling processes for Nomiks.

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  • Léo Delion


    Having fallen under crypto and DeFi's spell at a very young age, Leo has always believed in their power. His mantra: "Blockchain is to transactions what the Internet was to information."

    After educating thousands of people on Web3 and popularizing its technologies, Leo joined Nomiks as an analyst.

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  • Florent David


    Having been involved in crypto ecosystems and DeFi for many years, Florent now manages several media columns dedicated to Web3 (like Cryptoast,, and even BeInCrypto).

    Passionate about art, he naturally became the go-to person for NFTs at Nomiks and now acts an advisor for many projects on the topic.

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  • Maxence Perray


    Maxence places great importance on spreading knowledge. He loves to absorb everything that happens in the Web3 ecosystem with the aim of passing this knowledge on in the clearest possible way.

    As a Market Analyst at Nomiks, he will find the best business opportunities for you.

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  • Youssef Gharbi


    Developer and Data Scientist, Youssef develops applications for data collection and management. He is a Technical Expert at Nomiks and manages and drives Web3 development projects. He knows yield curves like the back of his hand.

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  • Bruno de Nadai

    #DefI #OHM

    Bruno's interests center above all on decentralized finance and its revolutionary potential on the economy. Bruno scans and dissects Web3 with the aim of better anticipating its evolution.

    As an Analyst at Nomiks, he helps our clients better project their technology and make connections between different topics.

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  • Jean-Laurent Bourquin


    As a former member of the International Olympic Committee and a natural sportsman, Jean-Laurent knows the world of sports like the back of his hand. He is the reason behind the inclusion of Breaking in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Today, he advises the sport stakeholders on the Metaverse.

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