Blockchain architects

We are a pool of experts passionate about topics related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Our strength lies in the diversity of our experts and the richness of our experiences: from tech to finance to law.

Our network, partnerships, and shared intelligence enable us to identify the signals of a rapidly evolving sector, which allows us, in turn, to detect for you the best commercial, financial, and technological opportunities in Web3.

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Nomiks labs

We offer support in designing your Web3 project and simulate your economy in real-world conditions to test its robustness, sustainability and profitability against unforeseen events. Nomiks has a duty to follow rigorous risk assessment and management processes throughout the development of your project.

  • Build and/or challenge the economic system supported by your token

  • Provide a controlled environment in which to grow your economy

  • Make informed decisions with big data analytics in Web3

Meet Our Team

  • Nathan Benchimol


    After many years in wealth management at Swiss private banks, Nathan became passionate about decentralized finance and Web3. By following closely current events in the sector, he supports rigorous crypto-picking based on a fundamental analysis with multiple criteria.

    He founded Nomiks to help businesses fully embrace Web3 technologies and also to allow individuals to benefit from the tremendous opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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  • Yann Mastin


    A trained engineer, Yann worked at TotalEnergies and Helmerich & Paynes where he learned the importance of precision and methodology before embarking on a career as a data analyst and developing an interest for blockchain.

    He now designs and applies deep analysis and modeling processes for Nomiks.

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  • Léo Delion


    Having fallen under crypto and DeFi's spell at a very young age, Leo has always believed in their power. His mantra: "Blockchain is to transactions what the Internet was to information."

    After educating thousands of people on Web3 and popularizing its technologies, Leo joined Nomiks as an analyst.

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  • Youssef Gharbi


    Developer and Data Scientist, Youssef develops applications for data collection and management. He is a Technical Expert at Nomiks and manages and drives Web3 development projects. He knows yield curves like the back of his hand.

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  • Maxence Perray


    Maxence places great importance on spreading knowledge. He loves to absorb everything that happens in the Web3 ecosystem with the aim of passing this knowledge on in the clearest possible way.

    As a Market Analyst at Nomiks, he will find the best business opportunities for you.

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  • Pascal Duval

    #Dao #Research

    Doctor of Philosophy, graduate in mathematical logic, linguistics and computer theory, Pascal joined the Internet movement from the beginning. He is a former Telecom engineer at CapGemini Sogeti. Aware of the technological and social importance of the Web3 turn, he paved the way for launching a DAO in the field of culture.

    Pascal is now involved in tokenomics both as an emerging cross-discipline and as an operational practice. He joined Nomiks as a research analyst in charge of monitoring and structuring/spread our knowledge and practices.

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