Your business coach to take your blockchain project to the next level

You have a blockchain project and you are wondering how to issue the tokens? How to size your liquidity between secondary & primary markets? What are the inflation safeguards? How do you encourage your users to keep your ecosystem alive? Under which governance?

All these questions are answered by our engineer and economist team to help you build your Tokenomics. Before and/or after TGE, our solution tests the strength of your idea and builds its resilience. Our mission is to protect you from unpleasant surprises and to establish your credibility, so that you always have control over your project.

A suitable solution to all the life cycles of your project, enhanced by a team of engineers and economists

Before TGE


Build and/or challenge the economic system supported by your token

Design > Modeling > Validation > ICO

After TGE

Risk Management & Monitoring

Provide a controlled environment in which to grow your economy

Continuous verification and alerts on burn rate, inflows & outflows, velocity, token dormancy...

At any time

Business Intelligence Web3

Make informed decisions with big data analytics in Web3

Semi-automated reports for Metavers, P2E or DeFi projects


You can choose between an A-to-Z support to make your idea a reality or specific services at each stage of your project (audit, modeling, financing...). All our services combine access to our solution with the intervention and advice of dedicated engineers and economists

Integrating our risk management process during the Web3 project genesis becomes critical when the blockchain technology's immutability makes any modification complicated, if not impossible. Validating your concept therefore accelerates the execution part (Web3 dev) which is relieved of an extremely expensive "Test & Learn".

Design & modeling

Exhaustively conceptualize the entities and interactions that make up your crypto-economy with a blockchain system, supported by data models appropriate to your industry. Then adjust the parameters of your model, thanks to our advice, until you find the right dynamics.

Economic charts, revenue stream, DAO, Markov Decision Process (MDP)…

Audit & Validation

Test the robustness of your assumptions with automated simulations of agent behaviors in your ecosystem that detect flaws and help you to make some changes. Get your ICO roadmap ready and benefit from insider tips to a successful launch.

Agents base modeling (ABM), Inflation rate, circulating supply, distribution, battle testing...

An AI-assisted engine to model, simulate and challenge your crypto-economy

An AI-assisted engine to model, simulate and challenge your crypto-economy

Advice from engineers and economists dedicated to your project

Advice from engineers and economists dedicated to your project

Ready-made semi-automated reports for your white paper

Ready-made semi-automated reports for your white paper

Risk Management & Monitoring

Our team reproduces your ecosystem in a simulation environment to test its limits, explore different scenarios and simply make sure your project remains on track. Our service combines access to our SaaS with the intervention and advice of dedicated engineers and economists.


Stress tests

Regularly stress test your model and get insights to correct your flaws before it's too late and react to market events. Our teams challenge your ecosystem, like hackers who would be hired to test the defenses of a computer system.

Lock up mechanisms, buy back, inflows/outflows...

Tracking Dashboard

Monitor your crypto-economy in real time with an OKPI (Onchain Key Performance Indicators) dashboard. Our solution and our teams help you anticipate risks and support you in making strategic decisions.

Grants management, token dormancy, liquidity distribution, burn/acide rate...

Coming soon
Alerts on your KPIs to anticipate risks

Alerts on your KPIs to anticipate risks

An AI-assisted engine to evolve your crypto-economy

An AI-assisted engine to evolve your crypto-economy

Advice from engineers and economists dedicated to your project

Advice from engineers and economists dedicated to your project

Business Intelligence Web3

Our solution is able to aggregate and sort huge datasets related to decentralized systems. Once analyzed, our data engineers and economists provide you with the most relevant insights for your needs in clear and precise reports.


We help you to source relevant data via "dappraisal" in order to help your strategic decision or your willingness to invest. For example, the traffic rate of a land or a metavers, as well as its history of sale prices (Lands, plots, etc…).


Nomiks plans a bunch of indicators that, once your P2E is launched, measures whether the constraints of the secondary market affect the game economy and the game balance (XP, ranking, difficulty, drop rate...).


Permanent monitoring and mapping out of the supply of your token on decentralized finance for a control of inflation, spread of exchanges and level of collateralization of pools.

Our areas of expertise


Designing the economic system of a video game in agreement with your creative/game-design team, Nomiks intervenes on the construction of an incentive program from NFT or crypto and calibrates it according to the needs of your players/investors.


Production of risk management and liquidity optimization reports for major DEFI players.

Metaverse / Real Estate Agency

Build a robust business model that engages visitors, brands/partners and investors such as Landowners. We intervene in metaverses dedicated to education, gaming and real estate.

Research-to-Earn / Web Service

Stress tests the economics of a collective intelligence platform that rewards its contributors when they enrich its database.

An engineer and economist team alongside you

Among our competences are monetary policy, game theory and dynamic systems modeling... All these subjects are complex and not always easy to understand for our clients. This is why we do not simply wish to solve your technical problems, but also to help you understand the issues at stake.

More than just "technical experts", we are collaborators who advise you on how to go from the ideation to the realization of your project. This translates into clear processes, regular check-ins to make sure we're going in the right direction and an availability to answer all your questions during the project.

We believe that this is the best way to ensure that your project meets the objectives you have set and brings value to your users.

In a classical economic system, based on fiat currencies, management rules exist to balance the creation of money and the way it circulates.
This monetary policy need applies similarly to an economic system built around a token thanks to the blockchain technology. This is called tokenomics (contraction of "Token" and "Economy"): that is, the set of monetary rules that guarantee a circular, strong and resilient economy.
Just as the rules of a traditional economy allow it not to collapse and to absorb shocks (crises, inflation...), a good tokenomics is the sine qua non condition for the success of a Web3 project.