Your business coach to take your blockchain project to the next level

Nomiks Analytic is a consulting firm composed of Web3 experts. We strongly believe that blockchain technology and the decentralized spirit it embodies will redefine our daily lives. That's why we support crypto/NFT project holders in their strategy, their valuation, and especially in their success.

Model Your Business

Develop Your Tech

Launch Your NFT Project

We help you structure your NFT project. We work with you not only on its valuation, tokenomics, and distribution strategy but also on the technical dimension of tokenization.

Deploy Your Strategy

How do you spread the word about your project? Selling and persuading? Finding leads? Our teams will advise you and set up your entire marketing and sales strategy.

Thanks to our network of trusted partners, we can also help you deploy and manage this strategy on the ground according to defined KPIs.

Let’s explore your market

Promote and Finance Your Project

Web3 for Brands

Our Support for Brands

NFTs are already revolutionizing the art market. The Metaverse will revolutionize the retail market.

From luxury to retail, Web3 represents billions of dollars of opportunity. Beyond being a new high-potential market, it also embodies a renewal of interactions between brands and consumers.

In the Metaverse, for example, without the physical limitations and "bad" interfaces of computer and phone screens, there is a whole field to explore to create unique shopping experiences. In addition, by developing notions of uniqueness, authenticity, and traceability in virtual spaces, NFTs enable consumer behaviors that we previously thought were reserved for the physical world.

Also, Nomiks supports you in your Web3 projects :

    • We provide in-depth training to your teams on subjects such as: the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, tokenization and so on.

    • We research your market and evaluate your opportunities in Web3

    • We design your strategy with you to make the most of these new technologies

    • We set up your technical teams for the operational deployment of your goals. We can also take care of the operational side

    • We maintain a strategic intelligence tailored to your business

Talk to one of our experts

Whatever your needs, we offer customized support and resources


We Research and Calibrate

We'll meet with you and study your project in order to understand the issues at stake. The objective is to understand the uses and targets in order to act accordingly. At the end of this stage, a project manager who specializes in what you require, will be assigned to you as a primary point of contact.


We Challenge

Whether it's a question of opening your project up to the greatest number of people or seeking investors, your credibility is a key factor of success. That's why we work together on your weaknesses while highlighting your strengths. Our mission is to make you more robust and resilient.


We Deploy

If needed, we take care of the operational side: whether it's writing your white paper, conducting technical developments, or implementing your marketing strategy. Thanks to our numerous partners, we put together teams of experts to take care of your most specific needs.


We Optimize Over Time

To be sustainable, a project must be versatile. This is even more true on Web3, where innovations happen every day. We remain at your side for the long term and never stop advising you or informing you of commercial and technological opportunities that we are able to identify.